Sunday, 5 March 2017

We now have JERK in the software. Jerk is basically the rate of increase of acceleration (like acceleration is the rate of increase of speed). To better understand it imagine you are in a car which suddenly accelerates. At the start you will push back in the seat so your personal acceleration will be delayed. In a robot this is when all the elasticity in the drive is taken out before actual acceleration can begin. Its worst manifestation is when the robot stops e.g. to grip something. Deceleration stops but the robot moves on before bouncing back. So with JERK this deceleration tapers off resulting in a smooth stop. The other new feature is you can program a special deceleration for emergency stop. We are not interested in precision in this case, we just want to stop as soon as possible. All this is now version 17 of RoboForth. I have developed the finest robot software on the planet and that's it. No more.