Friday, 11 March 2011

Sir Clive Sinclair said last year: "The sad thing is that today's computers totally abuse their memory - totally wasteful, you have to wait for the damn things to boot up, just appalling designs. Absolute mess! So dreadful it's heartbreaking."

The laptop I am using has 2Gb and it's not enough. It spends half its time paging.

RoboForth is the result of over 20 years continuous development and it has reached 40k. I have had some people say if I spent all that time and only wrote 40k I can't be very good. But it's the nature of Forth - many times more compact than machine code. Admittedly there are no graphics and I am not including RobWin (270k) in the computer or the software in the DSP. There are no Windows calls, no DLLs just compact efficient code with not a byte or a machine instruction wasted. It's instantly ready for use and computation times are barely noticeable.

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